OpenCloudware Public Presentations

Check out, download and re-use OpenCloudware presentations given in public conferences and tradeshows.

OW2con'14, November 5, 2014, at OpenStack Summit, Palais des Congrès, Paris

OpenCloudware: The vApp Lifecycle Management Solution for Multi-Cloud, Alban Richard, UShareSoft, & Daniel Stern, Orange - (PDF) slideshare.png

CEDAR-KRR, October 2014

Slider: an Efficient Incremental Reasoner, by Jules Chevalier - (PDF) slideshare.png

ARC 6, October 2014

Knowledge Enabled Real-Time Recommendation System, by Jules Chevalier and Syed Giallani - (PDF) slideshare.png

OW2 Open Cloud Forum at Cloud Expo Europe, February 2014, London

OpenCloudware: The vApp Lifecycle Management Solution for Multi-Cloud, Alban Richard, UShareSoft - (PDF) slideshare.png

OW2con'13, November 2013, Orange Labs, Paris

OpenCloudware, a PaaS Management Stack over multi clouds, Daniel Stern, Orange - (PDF)slideshare.png

CLIF meet Jenkins: Performance testing in continuous integration and more - Bruno Dillenseger, Orange Labs - (PDF)slideshare.png

OW2 Berlin Day - Open Cloud workshop, May 2012

OpenCloudware: the Cloud application lifecycle management platform, Alexandre Lefebvre, France Telecom/OW2 CTO - (PDF) slideshare.png

The workshop can also be accessed here.

OW2con'12, November 2012, Paris, Orange Labs, Paris

OpenCloudware, The Cloud Application Lifecycle Management Platform, Alexandre Lefebvre, Orange & OW2, Thomas Debru, UShareSoft. (PDF) slideshare.png

VESPA- Multi-Layered Self-Protection for Cloud Resources, Marc Lacoste, Orange Labs. (PDF) slideshare.png

Cloud Expo Europe, January 25, 2012, London, GB

Think to PaaS for Multi-IaaS Cloud Computing: the OpenCloudware collaborative R&D project, Alban Richard, CEO, UShareSoft, Cedric Thomas, CEO, OW2 - (PDF) slideshare.png

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