Jul 25 2012

From development to deployment in an elastic environment towards multiple IaaS.

OpenCloudware Interview: Alban Richard, CEO, UShareSoft, Grenoble

Can you tell us about the background to the OpenCloudware project?

As part of an R&D effort in 2010, UShareSoft initiated a project that eventually became known as OpenCloudware. We proposed an R&D project with multiple partners including France Telecom to contribute to next generation VM factory, assembling and generating multiple VMs together into a multi-nodes solution or also know as vApp. After reviewing the project and holding working group sessions with Minalogic (Minalogic represents a cluster of high-tech startups and universities in the Grenoble region), we made the decision to merge the project into a larger one and hence the OpenCloudware initiative was born.

How would you present the OpenCloudware project now?

OpenCloudware officially started in January 2012 and will last for the next three years. It is an end-to-end cloud automation platform project from Dev to Test to deploy in multiple IaaS environments. A collaborative project with 18 partners, OpenCloudware is designed to be accessible to cloud architects and developers for easy cloud solutions from VM build to run on different IaaS solutions. The full scope is from development to VM build to provision and deploy into multiple IaaS.

What will be the key innovation that UShareSoft brings to the project?

We have developed a platform for automating the creation of software images and templates called UForge.  Going forward, the industry will use image modeling and automation for multi-VM packages, known as vApp, using the OVF (Open Virtualization Format). Our contribution towards the OpenCloudware initiative will be to model and generate OVF images for multi-tiered solutions that could be provisioned on multiple cloud infrastructure platforms.

What is your leadership role in the project?

Each of the 18 partners has a responsibility over a particular group of components called work packages. UShareSoft is responsible for work package 2, which is called the Service Plan Factory, and involved to a lesser extent in work packages 1, 3 and 5. UShareSoft will help the end-user to model and package multi-tiered software solutions such as a single vApp archive. A collection of virtual machines and potentially other vApp containers, a vApp is operated and monitored as a unit. From a management perspective, a multi-tiered vApp acts similar to a virtual machine object. It has power operations, networks, data-stores and its resource usage can be configured. The vApp template management will be done in a Service Plan Factory where the end-user will be able to pick and choose already existing VMs from a catalog, and create or manage his own vApp templates.

A word about Alban Richard

Alban Richard is CEO of UShareSoft, bringing more than 25 years experience in the IT industry, including engineering, marketing and product management executive roles, with P&L and general management responsibilities. He has a successful track record for building more than 20 server software product lines. Alban Richard is also a Board Member for the OW2 Consortium.

A word about UShareSoft

UShareSoft delivers an image template management and enterprise app store platform called UForge. UForge provides a simple, automated way to build and maintain software images and server templates on any OS for any cloud, virtual or physical format. Its mission is to make it easy for individual developers, communities, and IT professionals to deliver and share their software as physical, virtual and cloud images or server templates, via an internal or external app store. UShareSoft also provides a service to automate the post-installation configuration of complex multi-tiered solutions in virtual and cloud environments, helping to reduce deployment times in virtual or cloud environments by up to 10 fold. UShareSoft is proposing UForge free accounts online for OW2 members and OpenCloudware initiative. Register on line at with promo-code OpenCloudware.

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