Interview April 2014

Apr 14 2014

"Considering QoS at each step of the PaaS lifecycle management"

OpenCloudware Interview: Noémie Simoni, Emeritus Professor of Telecom-Paristech.

How would you present the OW2 OpenCloudware project?

In the services era, OpenCloudware is one of the first open PaaS project. The cloud platform has the ambition to propose a complete open source environment to help developers create, deploy and execute applications designed as services. The three main steps - Think, Build and Run - are continuously managed. So the initial business strategy is considered, well before the design of the application itself. The SLA (Service Level Agreement) manifest keeps the requirements through SLO (Service Level Objectives). Then, this inventory tells OpenCloudware how to commit with guarantees and associated penalties. 

What is your role in the project?

Beyond the networking aspects, Telecom-Paristech is responsible for the advanced model and propose to introduce a QoS (Quality of Service) management in each service. This will allow to define services according to their behavior, translated in QoS criteria, and not only on a functional basis. Our work complements the efforts of the consortium as it considers the QoS at each step of the PaaS lifecycle management. The compliance of the new services is evaluated through simulations, then controlled and maintained through new metrics and dynamic provisioning at the runtime.

What key innovations do you bring or are helping to develop?

The main innovation relies on our ecosystem modeling. It is represented in QoS-aware service components. Then the challenge is to use virtualization at each level to ensure self-managed operations. We are also studying the introduction of all the cloud properties as a service (elasticity, scalability, dynamic provisioning, high availability). Compared to state-of-the-art, we’re moving from weak connections to loosely-coupled services. Beyond reusability, we are trying to mutualize while introducing QoS-aware. The following challenge is to define different solvers during the mapping between requested QoS and offered QoS. 
The cloud computing has provided an answer to the outsourcing problem. Now, it should be able to answer to the "self service" and to the "on demand" approaches.

A word about Noémie Simoni, Emeritus Professor of Telecom-Paristech, Paris, France


Noemie SIMONI is an Emeritus Professor of Telecom-Paristech. She was Head of Architecture and Engineering of Networks and Services (AIRS) research group at the Department of Computer Science and Network. Her research interests include QoS management and modelling of all system end to end.

Her expertise, gained through many academic projects and industrial contracts, covers wide range of management topics. Her main work is focused on information modelling, management process (eTOM), workflow integration, network convergence, service convergence and convergence of control and management plane.

She published over 120 technical papers and was co-author of book on Networks and Services Management. 

She led another on NGS (New Generation of Services). 
She initiated and chaired GRES conference in 1993. French-speaking conference on Networks and Services Management which since hold every two years, sponsored by Telecommunication Operators. 

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