Interview August 2013

"OpenCloudware is based on the eXo Platform portal technology, to allow a unique entry point for all users"

OpenCloudware Interview: Romain Dénarié, Project Manager at eXo, editor of eXo Platform, the social intranet platform.

How would you present the OW2 OpenCloudware project?

The aim of the OpenCloudware project is to create an open source Paas (Platform As A Service), which allows the development of an application in the Cloud. The idea is to provide users with the possibility to create a distributed enterprise application from development to deployment in an automated way, then deploy it to multiple IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) solutions. The platform will handle all steps of the application lifecycle: development, build, tests, integration, qualification and maintenance.

What is your role in the project?

eXo Platform is leading the work on package 5, named OpenCloudware frontend. We are creating the portal side of the OpenCloudware platform, which will be the unique entry point for all users. This portal will give access to all parts of the application, and is based on our main product eXo Platform 4. The work package contains also a security aspect, which should define how the identity of the current user is propagated to all subparts of the platform like VM generation, tests, deployment, and how users roles are managed.

What key innovations do you bring or are helping to develop?

eXo Platform develop an open source social collaboration platform, with different parts allowing users to access all components of their work via a single entry point. Through the platform, users will be able to create new applications, instantiate new virtual machines, test applications and deploy them to the IaaS of their choice. For users, it will look like a single application, the portal, even if, a lot of different components are involved in the lifecycle. In fact, all information collected by these components will be combined and presented to the final user as part of the portal.

A word about Romain Dénarié, Project Manager at eXo Platform.

Romain Dénarié is working for eXo Platform for 5 years and is consultant for eXo customers. He's working to advise and guide customer to take the better of the solution, make formation, and manage customer project. Established in 2003, eXo develops a social collaboration platform for enterprise. Built with years of experience, eXo Platform is a major actor on the enterprise portal, content management and document management markets. Depicted in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, eXo has accelerated its expansion in Europe, Asia, and the United States and has 10 years of experience in serving customers. eXo employs 150 people in offices around the world – the United States, France, Tunisia and Vietnam – and has hundreds of customers worldwide, including NATO, Orange, the French Ministry of Finance, the US Department of Defense, and Generali.

For more information, please visit eXo Platform website.

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