Nov 18 2015

POSS 2015, November 18-19, Paris

Paris Open Source Summit
November 18-19, 2015
Venue: Docks de Paris (La Plaine Saint Denis).
The OpenCloudware Project will be showcased at POSS 2015 on the OW2 booth

This provides a unique opportunity to meet with the PaaS designers, to improve your open source multi-cloud skills and deployments.

About Paris Open Source Summit
Systematic Paris-Region and Tarsus Group merged Open World Forum and Solutions Linux in order to federate the European open source community around a unique event, the Paris Open Source Summit. Please check the programme on the event website POSS'15

The OW2 community will naturally be highly involved in this event, driving the international conference. Take this opportunity to visit our booth and to meet with our members and partners. Don't forget to check the OW2 community annual conference, the same week in Paris. More information on OW2con'15.

Nov 17 2015

OW2con'15, November 17-18, Paris

OW2 Annual Conference
November 17-18, 2015
Venue on Nov. 17: Orange Labs (Issy-Les-Moulineaux)
Venue on Nov. 18: Docks de Paris (La Plaine Saint Denis) in parallel with POSS'15.

The OpenCloudware Project is involved in the OW2Con'15 session about Open Cloud. Check the OW2con'15 Programme online and Register for free here

OW2con'15 provides a unique opportunity for your open source project team to improve quality management, smart cloud deployments and open source governance. Also at POSS'15, you'll be able to meet with the European Open Source Market Place builders along with a dozen of EU-funded ICT projects, during a rich session about EU Collaborative Innovation, prepared by OW2.

About OW2con'15
IT professionals will appreciate this year OW2 annual conference as a unique opportunity to meet with our members, sponsors and the community involved in OSS governance and quality, cloud infrastructures, big data applications, security and privacy tools. Join us at the free OW2con'15 event and grab rich content and fruitful business contacts. 

Jul 21 2015

OSCON 2015, July 21-24, Portland, USA

OpenCloudware at OSCON 2015 from July 21-24, in Portland OR. 

Visit the OW2 booth at OSCON ask your questions about the OpenCloudware platform and multi-cloud deployments. 

Attendees are also able to grab documentation about the platform. 

More information about OW2 participation at OSCON:

Jul 08 2015

FISL 2015, July 8-11, Porto Alegre, Brazil


fisl 2015

16th Forum Interational Software Livre

July 8-11, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Visit us booth #22!

The OW2 Community will be represented this year again at fisl. Our presence there is to support the OW2 international members and also to disseminate about collaborative projects such as OpenCloudware, AppHub, RISCOSS, OCCIware. Some of them have been submitted for a presentation in the conference: 

- Governance makes the Difference: the case of AppHub, the European open source market place (ACCEPTED)
- Facilitating mainstream Open Source Software adoption (RISCOSS project)
- OCCIware, a Formal Framework for Everything as a Service

Please visit OW2 booth #22 in fisl exhibition area.

More information on fisl website

Apr 01 2015

Cloud computing World Expo, April 1-2, 2015, Paris

OpenCloudware is showcased on the OW2 booth (A17) and presented in the Open Cloud Forum conference on April 1 afternoon.  ...

Mar 12 2015

Cloud Expo Europe, March 11-12, 2015, London

Cloud Expo Europe 2015
March 11-12, 2015
ExCel Convention Center, London.

Alban Richard, UShareSoft, presents Opencloudware during the Open Cloud Forum organized by OW2, and taking place in the Open Cloud Park.

- Download the slides of the presentation PDF

Schedule: Thursday March 12, at 12:05.  
Venue: Conference room inside the Open Cloud Park.

To see more about the Open Cloud Forum, click here

Nov 03 2014

OpenCloudware at OpenStack Summit, November 3-6, 2014 in Paris

OpenStack SummitOpenCloudware team is proud to present its project to a large audience during the first Paris OpenStack Summit, on November 3-6, 2014. ...

Oct 27 2014

OpenCloudware obtains an OCEAN Open Cloud distinction


The OCEAN label recognizes innovative assets, new concepts, architecture documentation or re-usable open source cloud components described in the Open Cloud Directory (OCD). 


Sep 17 2014

OpenCloudware Plenary Session, September 17-18, Grenoble

OpenCloudware Review

The consortium has prepared a complete agenda with parallel workshops on 17-18 September 2014. Click on the title for more information about topics and rooms, and check also the private wiki:


Jul 20 2014

O'Reilly Open Source Convention, July 20-24, Portland, USA


OpenCloudware at OSCON Open Source Convention, Portland, July 20-24. 

More ...

Jun 10 2014

OpenCloudware Plenary Session, June 10-11, Issy-les-Moulineaux

OpenCloudware Review

The consortium is preparing a complete agenda with 3 potential workshops in parallel on 10 June 2014More information on the private wiki:


May 23 2014

Solutions Linux, May 20-21, 2014, Paris

The OpenCloudware was presented on the OW2 booth, (#D21) shared with members and projects of the open source community (ProActive, SpagoBI, Axelor, and RISCOSS project) . 

Click here to find more details and photos about OW2 at Solutions Linux. 

Apr 09 2014

Open Cloud Forum, 9 April 2014, Paris

Open Cloud Forum Paris

OpenCoudware was demonstrated by Grégoire Lejeune, eNovance, during the Open Cloud Forum on April 9 afternoon and showcased on the OW2 booth.  ...

Feb 26 2014

Cloud Expo Europe, London, Feb 26-27, 2014

Cloud Expo Europe
OpenCloudware was presented at Cloud Expo Europe in London by Alban Richard, UShareSoft.  ...

Jan 23 2014

Second OpenCloudware Annual Review, January 23, Paris

OpenCloudware Review

The consortium was proud to provide a complete demo of the PaaS platform, in front of two DGCIS representatives from the French Ministère du redressement productif


Dec 10 2013

OpenCloudware Plenary Meeting, December 10-11, Sophia-Antipolis

CW consortium in Sophia

During a couple days, 32 OpenCloudware consortium members shared a rich professional and social event, thanks to INRIA team and resources in Sophia Antipolis. Click for more information and photos. ...

Nov 12 2013

OW2con'13, November 12-14, 2013, Paris


The OpenCloudware Conference, on 12 Nov. 2013, launched the OW2 2013 annual community event.  ...

Oct 03 2013

Open World Forum, October 3-5, 2013, Paris


OpenCloudware will be this year again actively represented at OWF. Attend the session below and/or visit us at the OpenStack/OW2 booth. OpenCloudware in the OW2 Conference Track:

Open Source on Clouds, Making Cloud Interoperability a Reality, Friday Oct 4, 2:00 to 6:00pm. ...

Sep 10 2013

OpenCloudware Plenary Meeting, Sept 10-11, Telecom ParisTech


A very constructive plenary meeting took place in Telecom ParisTech, September 10-11 with efficient work sessions. Concrete ideas, new metrics, integration and deployment perspectives have been checked. 


Jun 19 2013

Build A Cloud Day


Apache CloudStack developments and success stories

Date: June 19th
 La Cantine
 Passage des Panoramas, 12 Galerie Montmartre, 75002 Paris, France

Build a Cloud Day will provide you with the knowledge, tools and user's feedbacks to start your own project. ...

May 28 2013

Solutions Linux, May 28-29, 2013


Last May, at Solutions Linux 2013 OW2 booth, the OpenCloudware project... ...

May 27 2013

OSCi convention, May 27, 2013

MAY 27, 2013

Apr 10 2013

OpenCloudware at Cloud Computing World Expo on the OW2 Booth


We were able to present to professionals visiting Cloud World Expo the latest advances and progress of the project on the OW2 Booth.

More information and photos ...

Jan 29 2013

Cloud Expo Europe, Jan 29-30, London

OpenCloudware at Cloud Expo Europe in London, January 29-30, 2013.


Meet the OpenCloudware team on the OW2 booth (#765) and check out the demonstrations.

See more details. ...

Jan 17 2013

OpenCloudware at the CompatibleOne final review

OpenCloudware was present at the final review of the CompatibleOne  collaborative research project. ...

Jan 15 2013

SLA Management in Cloud computing Workshop

OpenCloudware widely represented at the SLA Management in Cloud computing Workshop

Several presentations of the OpenCloudware took place at this workshop, part of  the ComPAS'2013 conference in Grenoble, on 15 January 2013. ...

Dec 11 2012

OpenCloudware Plenary Meeting, Telecom ParisTech (Paris), December 11 - 12, 2012

Two-day workshop and management meeting of the OpenCloudware Collaborative Project.

Where: Telecom ParisTech, 46 rue Barrault, Paris, France 

When: Tuesday - Wednesday, December 11 - 12, 2012.

Agenda: Finalization of the project first model and overall architecture based on use cases and first developments, coherency between the project workpackages, deliverable management, preparation of year 1 revue.


Nov 28 2012

OpenCloudware widely represented at OW2con'12

OpenCloudware had many presentations at OW2con'12:

  • An introduction to the project, by Thomas Debru and Alexandre Lefebvre
  • BtrPlace (Entropy), VM management and SLA, by Fabien Hermenier
  • VESPA, multi-layered self protection for the Cloud, by Marc Lacoste
  • Sirocco multi-cloud management, by Frédéric Dang Tran
  • Monitoring for Cloud infrastructure, by Bernard Boltz
  • ProActive-CLIF (in the community cloud for load testing context), by Bruno Dillenseger, Denis Caromel and Daniel Stern

Videos and slides of the presentations are here ...

Nov 21 2012

Web & Cloud day at ARC6

OpenCloudware and the work on context awareness was presented at the Web & Cloud day at ARC6 (Rhone-Alpes Region).
more ...

Oct 19 2012

OW2 China Open Source Week 2012

OpenCloudware was presented during the Corporate Networking Meeting (part of the OW2 China Open Source Week 2012, Beijing, China).
more ...

Oct 10 2012

OW2 OSCi CompatibleOne 4th Workshop

OpenCloudware was presented during the 4th joint OW2 OSCi and CompatibleOne workshop.
more ...

Sep 11 2012

OpenCloudware Plenary Meeting, Inria (Montbonnot), September 11 - 12

Two-day workshop and management meeting of the OpenCloudware Collaborative Project.

Where: Inria Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes, Inovallée, 655 avenue de l'Europe, Montbonnot, France 

When: Tuesday - Wednesday, September 11 - 12, 2012.

Agenda: Review of the project models and overall architecture, coherency between the project workpackages, deliverable management. ...

Jul 17 2012

OSCON 2012, Portland

Visit the OW2 booth at OSCON 2012, July 17 to 19 (more information here) to learn more about the OpenCloudware project. ...

Jun 19 2012

Solution Linux, Paris

Meet OpenCloudware at Solutions Linux on the OW2 booth (D25).

More information here. ...

May 29 2012

OW2 Berlin Day, Open Cloud Workshop

OpenCloudware: the Cloud application lifecycle management platform, Alexandre Lefebvre, France Telecom/OW2 CTO - (PDF) slideshare.png

The workshop can also be accessed here. ...

May 11 2012

OpenCloudware Second Plenary Meeting, May 11, 2012

OpenCloudware held its second plenary meeting in Paris on Friday May 11.
Where: Institut Telecom Mines ParisTech, 46, rue Barrault - 75013 Paris
When: Friday May 11, 2012
Agenda: project overall architecture, advances of workpackages  ...

Mar 28 2012

Cloud Computing Solutions Datacenters

OpenCloudware was presented by the OW2 Management Office team at the Cloud computing world expo in Paris, CNIT, on March 28-29, 2012.

The Press Release announcing the launch of the project was distributed at this occasion.

Jan 25 2012

Cloud Expo Europe 2012, London

OpenCloudware was presented at Cloud Expo Europe in London, on 25 January 2012.

See more information here and here. ...

Jan 17 2012

OpenCloudware Kick-off Meeting, January 17 - 18, 2012

Hosted by Project Lead Alexandre Lefebvre, OpenCloudware held its first plenary meeting at France Télécom Meylan on January 17 - 18, 2012. ...

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