Open World Forum, October 3-5, 2013, Paris

Oct 03 2013

OpenCloudware will be this year again actively represented at OWF. Attend the session below and/or visit us at the OpenStack/OW2 booth.

OpenCloudware in the OW2 Conference Track:

Open Source on Clouds, Making Cloud Interoperability a Reality, Friday Oct 4, 2:00 to 6:00pm.

This session demonstrates open source technologies that enable users and cloud builders develop interoperable and open cloud solutions. Interoperability in the cloud in a key challenge today; avoiding vendor-lock in, making it possible to easily switch from one provider to another are essential concerns of cloud users today. Interoperability means also the possibility to build hybrid environments, to ensure the portability of data from one cloud to another and to easily orchestrate the management of resources across multiple clouds. OpenCloudware will be showcased through the following presentation:

  • The OW2 Sirocco multi-cloud management framework, Frederic Dang Tran, Orange Labs

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