Software from consortium members

Most components on which OpenCloudware developments are based, and which will be extended during the duration of the project can be found on OW2, please see the detailed list below. To access the new software code developed within the framework of OpenCloudware, please visit this page

  • eXo Platform
    eXo Platform is a cloud-ready enterprise portal for building and deploying transactional websites, managing web and social content and creating gadgets and dashboards. eXo Platform is used in OpenCloudware to provide the core of the end-user portal.
  • AuthzForce
    AuthzForce provides an authorization server for Web Services that supports XACML, X.509, SAML and LDAP. It is used in OpenCloudware for authorization and role-based access control. An integration of AuthzForce with LemonLDAP::NG is also planned.
  • CLIF
    CLIF is an open load testing platform, including load injectors, for generating traffic (a variety of protocols are supported such as HTTP, FTP, SIP...), and probes, for measuring resource usage (processor, memory, network...). CLIF is used in OpenCloudware to provide performance testing as a service, and is also the target of a project use case.
  • Sirocco
    Sirocco is a multi-cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service software platform featuring, management of multiple cloud providers, unified self-service Web portal, programmatic access through a REST API, multi-hypervisor support. It is used in OpenCloudware to provide the multi-cloud management layer.
  • ProActive
    ProActive is a middleware featuring Programming, Scheduling and Resourcing tools for parallel, distributed and multi-core computing. It is used in OpenCloudware as part of the Cloud infrastructure management.
  • Entropy
    Entropy is a virtual machine manager for clusters which performs a globally optimized placement of virtual machines according to cluster resource usage and scheduler objectives. It relies on the BtrPlace placement component. It is used in OpenCloudware to provide optimisation functions for virtual machine placement.
    JORAM (Java Open Reliable Asynchronous Messaging) is an open source implementation of the JMS (Java Message Service) 1.1 API. JORAM is embedded in Peergreen Platform as part of Java EE.
  • Petals ESB
    Petals ESB is an open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), the service oriented infrastructure for service oriented architectures (SOA). Petals ESB is suitable for deployment in real-time, rapidly changing environments that are typically common in large scale enterprise SOA solutions. Petals ESB is also part of the enterprise middleware PaaS provided by OpenCloudware.

Other software include:

  • Peergreen Platform
    Peergreen Platform is an OSGi-based cloud native elastic and intelligent application platform providing a foundation for hosting shared, multi-tenant, elastically scaling Java and OSGi applications.
    Peergreen Platform brings together best of breed Open Source technologies for Web Application (Apache Tomcat), Web Services (Apache CXF), JMS (JORAM), ESB (Camel), Transaction Manager (JOTM), EJB container (Easybeans), Enterprise OSGi, Enterprise Information Server with Peergreen logging, clustering, management and monitoring extensions.
    Peergreen Platform provides frameworks, and services that automate elasticity: runtime services needed to manage elastic applications, full instrumentation for monitoring workloads and maintaining agreed-upon service levels, cloud provisioning, metering and billing systems.
    It is at the heart of the enterprise middleware PaaS provided by OpenCloudware.
  • Peergreen Control Center
    Peergreen Control Center is an administration tool dedicated to Peergreen Platform that provides technical and functional capabilities for Peergreen Platform Cloud management. That includes features such as rapid and automatic provisioning, a reliable deployment system for applications, an adaptative monitoring framework , and some autonomic behaviors for ensuring applications elasticity and high availability (self-scaling , self-healing). All the management services are accessible from a REST based interface, as well  a web user interface or a CLI.
  • JADE
    JADE is a framework for the construction of autonomic systems using the FRACTAL reflective component model. It is made available as part of the JASMINe system.
  • TUNe
    TUNe is a global autonomic management system. It is used in OpenCloudware as part of the autonomic PaaS management layer.
  • UForge
    UForge includes an online store front for on-demand user access to applications, a VM factory for building and maintaining cloud server templates, and sharing and social networking features for improved collaboration on server templates.

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