OpenCloudware Source Code

The following components have recently evolved in the context of OpenCloudware project:

  • Portal Service: the entry point of the OpenCloudware platform, Portal Service
  • Orchestrator Service: OpenCloudware service coordinator, Orchestrator Service
  • Multi-IaaS Manager: the CIMI compliant multi-IaaS resource provisioning software. More on the Sirocco website
  • Benchmarking as a Service: a performance monitoring dedicated VM, CLIF for VAMP
  • Billing Service: billing and charging for the cloud, eBill
  • Scalability Manager: Scalability Manager
  • Authentication Server: AuthZForce v3.0
  • Command-line tool for building machine images for multiple cloud platforms: Hammr. More information on Hammr Website.
  • Streamed Linked Data Reasoner: Slider


Please check the Documentation page for more information on the services and the platform implementation.

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